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Find qualified blockchain tech talent

Trufflepig is the platform for blockchain & Web3.0 companies to get access to a curated pool of top tech talent such as Solidity, Rust, or Protocol Engineers. From Junior level to Tech Leads.

How it works

Our awesome features
Sign Up

Sign Up and provide us with information about what are you looking for. Based on that, we will approve you to the platform and use this information to pitch your project in the best way possible to the candidates who are of interest to you.

Our awesome features
Find talent

You get direct access to our talent platform to find and evaluate top talent. On top, you can filter for specific skills, experience, and roles. Each talent profile comes with a detailed summary including what the person is looking for in a job, salary expectations, preferred tech stack as well as additional important information to be aware of. Additionally, we share the best candidates on our telegram group on a biweekly basis.

Our awesome features
Initiate conversations

Found a candidate you like? With one click you can let us know and we will get in touch to make sure to connect you with the candidate. As all candidates are known to us, you get a response from each candidate 100% of the time and thus save a lot of time, resources, and money throughout the process.

Our awesome features

Start hiring right away. Our talent team supports you during the interview and closing process and always stays close to the candidate to make things as smooth as possible for every part involved.

Benefits of using Trufflepig

Verified talent

All candidates on the platform have been screened by one of our technical recruiters to ensure the highest level of quality of available talent.

Blockchain native

Our team has been recruiting for Web3 for the last 6 years. We bring an in-depth understanding of the talent and skills that are needed in this space.

Specialized talent

Trufflepig focuses solely on blockchain tech talent: candidates are either already working in the space or bring the necessary qualifications.

Instant access

Get access to a pool of qualified talent with additional information about their work preferences, salary, technical expertise and much more.


Save your recruiting department's resources as hiring through Trufflepig is more efficient and you only pay once you hire.

Talent support

Our talent team helps you keep the candidates engaged, informs you about concerns and will help you close the best candidates.

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